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Google updated Pagerank: How to recover dropped pagerank

I am so happy to announce that Technoidz managed to get a Pagerank of 1/10 within 3 months of its Launch(Even though its a Blogspot blog).Most of you must know about this ranking feature which defines the quality and reputation of a website.If you haven't checked your site's page rank check it here with the PR checker.According to Google they themselves stands with a pagerank of 10/10 which ensures its top quality.Its all about Quality posts and Link building which is lot about Search engine Optimization.The Google Pagerank is updated in every three months,but a small update took place on may 3rd which had both positive and negative impacts on various Bloggers.

Here is a Screenshot of the Pagerank of Technoidz:

Google pagerank is very important if you are serious about blogging.So what should you care about if you want to increase the pagerank of your blog? as i said its about Links.The kind of links in your site matters a lot.Links may vary from Quality links to cheap quality links which will easily ruin your phase of your site.now lets move on to the topic.today we are discussing about recovering your lost pagerank.

How could you get back your Pagerank?

Control OBL(Out Bound Links):

You might think(beginner bloggers) giving links to many websites may fetch you higher pagerank but unfortunately that is a completely wrong aspect, even if the links goes to Quality websites too many Out bound links can spoil your site.Its easy for anyone to Give outgoing links as it doesn't need any effort.So what should you do if your recent posts or pages have such too many outgoing links?

You must simply NOFOLLOW those links.This will instruct the crawlers not to crawl them.

Backlinks Quality:

Another important thing you must consider are the backlinks to your site.More the quality backlinks more is the benefit.A backlink from a PR6 is of much more than several backlinks from a PR2 website.So inorder to build up your pagerank you must be very keen on building backlinks for your site.And the universally accepted and easiest way of getting backlinks is writing guest posts on quality websites.Another way is commenting on dofollow blogs with good reputation, but you must be careful that you are not spamming through the comments instead the comments are made on in relation and with an intension to show response to the posts.

Site design and Performance:

The design of your site and its performance will also effect in the pagerank algorithm.Actually the site design and performance are interrelated.Your site must have a simple, but attractive design, you must avoid adding more of graphics to the design as it results in a decreased loading speed for the site .A simple designed site will perform well and will only take a little time to load.

Social media Interaction:

Now a days Google cares more about the links from Social media websites like Facebook,Twitter etc and Google had officially announced that adding Google+ widgets to your website can help you in getting better rankings as Google+ was launched also with an aim of  improving the search results.Building Fan pages for your blogs on Facebook and Google+ and Tweeting your posts can help you in getting traffic and improves the social media interaction of your site and may get you unique visitors and subscribers.So to get back your pagerank improve your social media interaction get more active in such sites so that you will build audience and you will also meet professional bloggers from whom you can also get Guidelines and Tips.

Image credit:Smarnad

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