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How to join Pintrest? Get a Free membership in the new social media Boom.

Hey haven't you heard about Pinetrest?

 Well let me explain, Pintrest is a Pin board styled social media photo sharing website just like Instagram.It allows its users to make and to manage theme based image collections like Hobbies,interests events and many more.For an inspiration users can browse other pin boards and Re-pin those images to their own collections or can even like and comment on them.Pins can be shared on both Facebook and Twitter.In the pintrest world images are known as "Pins" and Videos are known as "Pinboards".Instead of Like it on Facebook here in Pintrest it is Pin it and for Sharing others images it is Re-pin it.

How to Register for Pinterest?

Signing up for Pinterest is different its not like any easy sign up process like other social networks do.Pinterest is not expecting to have Fake profiles, they want genuine profiles.To avoid spammers and Scams they are trying their best in confirming the identity of the users.

There are 2 ways of Joining Pinterest:

1)Register yourself requesting an invitation.

In the home page of Pinterest you can click "Request to join" tab and later you will receive an E-Mail from the Pinterest  team.


2)Receive an invitation from a Friend.

or if your friend is already on Pinterest you could get an invite from him,which makes it much easier for you.

Linking Accounts:
you could also link both your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Pinterest which makes things easier and comfortable for you.Pinterest can also be made useful as a media to promote your Blog.Now Pinterest is one among the "TOP 10"  Social media websites.so what are you waiting for Join Pinterest and start Pinning...:D

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i registered for invitation and two days later i got one but when i try logging in using invite i get error message.
can i ask for reinvite or did i should i use another email account?


@Bryan dude you may ask for a reinvite...The error message thing is seen for some of my friends too....hope they will fix it...


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