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How to Temporarily Disable/Deactivate Facebook Account

Most of us are always active on the social networking website Facebook. But sometimes you may feel like to stay away from Facebook for a short time,it must be for your studies or some other issues.It is possible to Disable your Facebook account for a short period instead of Permanently deactivating it.So here i am showing you "How to Temporarily Delete Facebook account".Follow these steps:

1)Log in to your Facebook account.

2)Now click on Account and then Account settings from the top right corner.

3)Now when the next page appears click on the "SECURITY" tab.

4)And in the security settings page click on "deactivate your Account".

5)Now in the next page choose the reason for leaving as "This is temporary,i ll be back" and choose confirm.

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6)Now a window appears,enter your password there and choose Deactivate now.

7)Now your account is temporarily disabled which means people will not be able to see your profile or find you in searches on Facebook.You can reactivate your account whenever you want by just typing your email and password in the log in page.Reactivating your account may not restore your Groups and Events but your friends,Pages etc will be saved and are secured.

So this is exactly How To Temporarily Deactivate Facebook Account and we hope you would appreciate it.

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