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Some important keyboard shortcuts

Most of us use keyboard shortcuts to save our time.Here i am providing you with some very useful keyboard shortcuts that could save your time.

1)Create new folders in Windows 7:

Its easy to create a new folder in Windows 7, just hit Ctrl+Shift+N and you can instantly rename it.

2)Recover accidentally closed tabs in Google Chrome:

When you had accidentally closed any tab you can reopen it by using Ctrl+Shift+T.This shortcut works in most browsers and is so much reliable.

3)Facebook Shortcut:

In Facebook you can use Alt+1 for news feed and Alt+5 for Notifications while using Google Chrome and Firefox users must use Shift with Alt i.e Alt+Shift+1 for news feed and Alt+Shift+5 for Notifications.

4)Notepad Shortcut:

If you are a regular notepad user try pressing F5 ,to insert the correct date and time in the document.

5)Gmail Shortcut:

you can hit Tab+Enter after you have composed your email which is same as clicking the send button.

Shony Cyriac

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