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How to Get more traffic to your blog/website

For a blogger one of the most depressing feeling is when his/her blog lacks Traffic.Yes site traffic is must requisite for the progress and growth of the site.Most people actually never cares about taking measures for attaining traffic,instead they blame on themselves and their site.So,here i am introducing some effective measures to increase traffic in your site.


SEO or SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is one of the most effective measure for increasing the traffic.The use of keywords for attracting traffic is the simple definition for SEO.If you are not much familiar with SEO just click here and you will know much about this.

2)Updating The blog:

You have to update your blog and its features.Frequent visitors will be gained only if your blog posts are updated,new readers are made only with new and fresh content.You will get more subscribers when your blog is updated.An outdated blog will only result in downward slops.

The Social media can be effectively used for the promotion of your blog.Social Networking websites like Facebook,Twitter etc plays a great role in the growth of your website.So feel free to share your content.
More people will be directed to your site with sharing your posts on social networks.

4)Comment on other Blogs:

Commenting on other blogs will give you more traffic and healthy relationships with other bloggers and will raise the rank level of your blog.Make sure your comments are not harmful to others.It will help in maintaining backlinks for your site and will help in growth of your blog as more people will came to see your blog.

5)Make it simple:

When you write on your blog,make sure that you are using simple language.Using simple language will help the readers in understanding your posts and making use of it.The templates must also be simple,as using high graphic template will result in slow loading of the pages which may be annoying to the readers. 


Shony Cyriac

He is an SEO specialist who loves working on websites and ranking them to earn a lot of profit from the long run.Contact him to assign your SEO needs and works and get them fixed ASAP :)

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u have nice... thoughts about the SEO.. but make it more enhanced and accurate. thanks.


@Faizan Thanks bro will improve...:)


good post, been trying to get my blog to get more views, and even before reading this, yesterday i shared a post on my Facebook page, and other friends shared it on theirs and i was excited to her 89 views in one day, i never had that before, i will try you other suggestions though.



@Rafael thanks man....good to hear that you got certain pageviews.....Keep posting keep rocking...:)


nice post bro......


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