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How to Earn Money from your blog

Bloggers are of different kinds, those who blog as a hobby/fun and those who blog Passionately.For a passionate blogger it is important to monetize from his/her blog to keep up the standard of the blog and to maintain a pocket money which encourages to contribute more for the blog.In this post i am sharing some information for beginners about making profit from the blog.The following are the income streams for a blogger:


The Google Adsense ads are one of the most common ways through which too many bloggers earn.The Adsense ads contains both Text and Image rich ads.But running a blog with the intension of earning only will not help bloggers to earn from Adsense.

2)Affiliate Programs:
Another Widely used method are running a variety of Affiliate programs on blogs.It includes recommending Quality products on the blog.And dont expect to get huge Income from the Affiliate programs Unless your blog have enough traffic.

3)Private ads/Sponsorship:
This Section is always preferable and applicable to High ranked websites.Private companies/Parties will request the blogger to show their ads on the site.For beginners it will take little time to get up to this.But for a passionate Blogger nothing is impossible.

4)Amazon Associates:
The Amazon associates Program is yet another way of Blog earnings.We earn money advertising amazon's Products and will earn more when Amazon gets an order from our site visitor.It is a significant earning for many Pro bloggers.


The Chitika Publisher programme is also a source of money for bloggers.Chitika pays you even considering the blog traffic.Payments are on Paypal and check.You can use Chitika with Adsense ads.

These are the top 5 ways of Monetizing with your blog.Keep blogging,Keep rocking...:)

Shony Cyriac

He is an SEO specialist who loves working on websites and ranking them to earn a lot of profit from the long run.Contact him to assign your SEO needs and works and get them fixed ASAP :)

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