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How to Add Custom comment Form For Blogger Blogs

One of the most discussed drawback of Blogger blogs are its Comment Form.Blogspot Bloggers are not at all happy with their default comment form.It is because the default comment form of blogger does not guarantee much backlinks when somebody comments on the blog, while wordpress comment forms guarantees backlinks and are easy to customize, reactions like giving likes and dislikes to the comments are also made possible in Custom comments.So in this article i ll guide you on adding Customized  Comment Form to your blogger blog.

Follow these instructions:

1)Log on to Intensedebate.com(Intensedebate offers some truly hardcore moderations to your comment form)

2)Now create an account with your email address and its free.

3)Once you created an account in Intensedebate, you will asked to continue with installation, just click Install and you will be taken to the Installation page.

4)Provide your Blog/Website's url and in the next step you can choose your blogging platform it can be either Blogger or wordpress or any other platform.

5)Then in the next step you will asked to Backup/restore your blogger template and to Upload it to Intensedebate, on completing the uploading an html box appears in Intensedebate from which you can copy the template and paste it on your Clipbord.
6)Now click save template and you're done.now the comment form will look like this:

Advantage of Intensedebate comment form:

The intensedebate comment form helps the commentator in building backlinks to his/her site by entering their website's Link in the comment form.Thereby it also helps in SEO.


Shony Cyriac

He is an SEO specialist who loves working on websites and ranking them to earn a lot of profit from the long run.Contact him to assign your SEO needs and works and get them fixed ASAP :)

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but its giving me this error please reply me
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: Element type "b:if" must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>".


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Apart from its ease of use and the availability of themes and plugins, WordPress can be easily modified to include custom features and functions. Hooks and filters are built into the CMS that allow you to add functionality or strip out something that is not required. You can customize the way WordPress handles content as well as comments. For example, you could require readers to leave their phone number and/or address when leaving a comment.

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nice one. tested and tried at http://www.stalyfblog.com.

you can get Facebook comment form easily here http://www.stalyfblog.com/2011/09/simplest-way-to-add-facebook-comment.html


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