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Google Launches "Google Drive" an extension for Docs

Lets say goodbye to Google Docs, as Google Launched Google Drive as an extension to Docs.Now Google docs will be automatically redirected to Google drive.This cloud based service is gonna be a big threat for third parties as its from the search engine giant itself.So now lets get more into the the brand new service of Google.

What is Google Drive:

It is an online file storage and sync service provided by Google.One can upload files here to keep them safe and to share them.Its a cloud based service,where Google finally had made their entry.

Space Available:

Google offers an online storage space of about 5GB for beginners, while there are premium storage space too which is as follows:

This is so cheap while comparing with competitors like Box and Dropbox.Google drive also offers in-Browser access files and folders including document editing.

Uploading Limit:

Here again Google drive Dominates, as its offers an Uploading limit of 10GB per file and folder while most of the cloud services offers only about a 2GB.But in this case Dropbox stands a better than drive, while it have a problem of storage space which doesn't matter to Drive.

So this is all about the Brand new Google Drive start your journey with drive and enjoy all the awesome features regards from Team Technoidz. :)

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