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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Mylot: One of the easiest Way To Make Money Online

Here in this post i am gonna introduce to you the most Easiest possible way to earn some money through the internet.We all know about a lot of ways of earning profit through the internet which varies from Google Adsense to Freelancer.com etc.But for beginners it is pretty hard to earn something from these ways and Freelancer even needs us to have a premium account to earn.For all those beginners and newbie's i am introducing to you "MYLOT".com.It is a website which is so easy to follow and to earn revenue.This is how it works:

1)Earn through participating in discussions:

Yes, it is so simple that you could earn money just for participating in discussions.There are lots n lots of topics in Mylot to discuss about.You only need to participate onto topics of your interest.Unlike most other sites you won't feel annoyed with mylot,because you would enjoy what you are doing.There are  reports of many myLot users who spend most of the waking hours of any given day enjoying myLot. Here the Theory is so simple Earn n Enjoy.Earnings for each discussions starts from 4 to 10 cents.

2) Earn by Commenting:

This is one of the most interesting and impressive feature of mylot. It is great that you could earn while you comment onto the post's of others.Quality comments will fetch you more earnings, make sure that your comments are organic so that they wont be rejected.Quality comments made will also fetch you from 3 cents to 7 cents.

3)Earn by completing tasks:

Another easy earning method of mylot is to do tasks which are made by other users which on completing will
get you the offered amount. The task builders post a message along with the task to do which explains how and when the task is to be done.You only have to follow them and complete the task in the specified time.On successfully completing a task you will be rewarded the offered money within 24 hrs.Task can vary from content writings, Blog commenting, Facebook liking etc.

4)Earn by referring Friends:

You could also earn money from Mylot by referring your friends to mylot. You get paid when your friend starts earning through mylot. This feature is really cool that you can double your earnings by referring more friends. For example my my lot referral link is http://www.mylot.com/?ref=shonyishere

So it sounds quite easy rite.So what are you waiting for. Start earning with MYLOT...Cheers..:)

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Google Released: Adsense Toolbar for Publishers

Hey Adsense publishers here we have a happy news for you, finally Google has presented the adsense publishers with what they want.Yes its the Adsense Toolbar,which can be easily installed on Google chrome.As Google adsense is a source of income for many bloggers across the world it was upon Google to give away something like this to help them.

Install the Extension:

You can install this Google chrome extension for free from the Chrome Web Store.Once installed you will see an Adsense icon on the top right side of your browser,just click on the icon to view your Adsense earnings summary.

What can you get from this Toolbar:

*The Adsense Toolbar displays your account summary for Today,Yesterday,This month and last month.This feature helps you in reducing logging in to your account each hour to check your earnings.

*It also displays the top five custom channels and their performance,so that you can easily find out which channels are on their peak performance and which all are stabbed back.

*Your lifetime revenue can also be tracked via this toolbar, so that you know how far you have moved with Adsense and your Monetized history in your fingertips.

*The most awesome feature is that you can easily identify click bombers,as you are able to check your earnings frequently you will be able to see the earnings so that in case something went wrong you can easily report it to Google.

*you will also experience an In-site ad overlay over your ads, when you go through your Adsense enabled pages you will get to see how much each ads had earned you for the past days.

Whats hot:

The Adsense Toolbar therefor is a must have for each and every adsense publisher.As its a helping hand in getting more into your account and making changes.Another important thing about the toolbar is that even though its called as toolbar it actually doesn't have those annoying toolbar features.Once installed you will only see the adsense icon and will not see any of the awkward toolbar fetures which slows down things for you.It looks pretty alike like the alexa traffic rank extension.

Lets hope it wont take much time for its release for other browsers like Firefox,Explorer etc.So what are you waiting for install the extension for free, click here to Install.

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Monday, 30 April 2012

Google Launches "Google Drive" an extension for Docs

Lets say goodbye to Google Docs, as Google Launched Google Drive as an extension to Docs.Now Google docs will be automatically redirected to Google drive.This cloud based service is gonna be a big threat for third parties as its from the search engine giant itself.So now lets get more into the the brand new service of Google.

What is Google Drive:

It is an online file storage and sync service provided by Google.One can upload files here to keep them safe and to share them.Its a cloud based service,where Google finally had made their entry.

Space Available:

Google offers an online storage space of about 5GB for beginners, while there are premium storage space too which is as follows:

This is so cheap while comparing with competitors like Box and Dropbox.Google drive also offers in-Browser access files and folders including document editing.

Uploading Limit:

Here again Google drive Dominates, as its offers an Uploading limit of 10GB per file and folder while most of the cloud services offers only about a 2GB.But in this case Dropbox stands a better than drive, while it have a problem of storage space which doesn't matter to Drive.

So this is all about the Brand new Google Drive start your journey with drive and enjoy all the awesome features regards from Team Technoidz. :)

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How to join Pintrest? Get a Free membership in the new social media Boom.

Hey haven't you heard about Pinetrest?

 Well let me explain, Pintrest is a Pin board styled social media photo sharing website just like Instagram.It allows its users to make and to manage theme based image collections like Hobbies,interests events and many more.For an inspiration users can browse other pin boards and Re-pin those images to their own collections or can even like and comment on them.Pins can be shared on both Facebook and Twitter.In the pintrest world images are known as "Pins" and Videos are known as "Pinboards".Instead of Like it on Facebook here in Pintrest it is Pin it and for Sharing others images it is Re-pin it.

How to Register for Pinterest?

Signing up for Pinterest is different its not like any easy sign up process like other social networks do.Pinterest is not expecting to have Fake profiles, they want genuine profiles.To avoid spammers and Scams they are trying their best in confirming the identity of the users.

There are 2 ways of Joining Pinterest:

1)Register yourself requesting an invitation.

In the home page of Pinterest you can click "Request to join" tab and later you will receive an E-Mail from the Pinterest  team.


2)Receive an invitation from a Friend.

or if your friend is already on Pinterest you could get an invite from him,which makes it much easier for you.

Linking Accounts:
you could also link both your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Pinterest which makes things easier and comfortable for you.Pinterest can also be made useful as a media to promote your Blog.Now Pinterest is one among the "TOP 10"  Social media websites.so what are you waiting for Join Pinterest and start Pinning...:D

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

How to Add Custom comment Form For Blogger Blogs

One of the most discussed drawback of Blogger blogs are its Comment Form.Blogspot Bloggers are not at all happy with their default comment form.It is because the default comment form of blogger does not guarantee much backlinks when somebody comments on the blog, while wordpress comment forms guarantees backlinks and are easy to customize, reactions like giving likes and dislikes to the comments are also made possible in Custom comments.So in this article i ll guide you on adding Customized  Comment Form to your blogger blog.

Follow these instructions:

1)Log on to Intensedebate.com(Intensedebate offers some truly hardcore moderations to your comment form)

2)Now create an account with your email address and its free.

3)Once you created an account in Intensedebate, you will asked to continue with installation, just click Install and you will be taken to the Installation page.

4)Provide your Blog/Website's url and in the next step you can choose your blogging platform it can be either Blogger or wordpress or any other platform.

5)Then in the next step you will asked to Backup/restore your blogger template and to Upload it to Intensedebate, on completing the uploading an html box appears in Intensedebate from which you can copy the template and paste it on your Clipbord.
6)Now click save template and you're done.now the comment form will look like this:

Advantage of Intensedebate comment form:

The intensedebate comment form helps the commentator in building backlinks to his/her site by entering their website's Link in the comment form.Thereby it also helps in SEO.


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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Facebook Messenger for Windows

Hey are you facing any trouble with your Facebook chat?Here you can fix your chat with this. Or do you wanna chat while using an app or you wish to use Facebook chat on your Desktop without logging in? or while visiting a website? here Facebook provides you with an awesome app which can fulfill many of your wants.Facebook has launched a Facebook Messenger targeting on Windows users.It is promoted for Windows users all over the world.


1)One can see and respond to chats right from the desktop.
2)You dont have to click away to stay connected.
3)Lets you find new Photo tags,Comments and more as soon as they happen.
4)You can chat and read the newsfeed from the desktop itself.

This is the Preview of the Facebook Messenger for Windows:

Now Facebook is Busy working on a Desktop Messenger for Mac users.The windows version of messenger is focusing on squeezing each and every drop of engagement from its users.So are you ready to give it a try? then Download it from here.


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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Google Play: released

Ready to "PLAY WITH GOOGLE"? the new release from Google, "Google PLay " is now available on Google's homepage.

Here is the preview of Google's Brand new homepage featuring the Google Play Tab.

What is Google Play?

Google Play is an online entertainment service by Google.It is available in Google's service bar.It is a store based on Cloud storage.Movies,Music,E-books,Android applications etc are made available on this reliable source .Google music which was established on last December will also be a part of this.about 4,50,000 files are available now.World's biggest E-book and Movies collection is the Bragging right of Google Play.

This is how Google Play looks like.

So what are u waiting for Start Playing with Google...CHEERS>>>:D

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Best Alternative for Adsense: Adbrite

The source of income for most of the bloggers is Google adsense.In my recent post i have explained about making money out of your blog.And most of us believe adsense to be the best source of income via Blogging. Today we are discussing about an alternative for ADSENSE. Its none other than ADBRITE.

1) What is ADBRITE?

Adbrite is an online advertising program similar to Google Adsense. Both advertisers and website publishers can participate in adbrite and make enough profit out of it.Most people seem to believe adbrite to yet another ad exchange program but it is much more than that.The best part of adbrite is that it is a PPC program aka Pay Per Click program.Banner ads,text ads and full page ads are available on adbrite.

2) How it works?

Unlike Adsense its easy to get approved by adbrite.you will have to provide a little information about you.Website publisher's can now setup their "ad zones" by providing about their website and gets paid when someone clicks on ads.

3) Reputation:

It has a fair reputation in both advertising and publishing zones.Even though it is not more than Adsense it had succeeded in making its own respect in the vast world wide web.Those publisher's with good traffic and quality content will earn much profit from Adbrite, but even new bloggers can easily get an Adbrite account and start monetising.

So ready to sign up for ADBRITE??  

Log on to http://www.adbrite.com and Sign up


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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Blogger changed its Domains from .COM to .In

Today i have noticed that my blog address http://technoidz.blogspot.com has automatically changed to http://technoidz.blogspot.in/. This change made by Google has made Positive and Negative changes on Various blogs.

Before the Change:
The positive changes:
The positive changes that may occur for your blog will be an increase in the traffic.This change can make you happy,but The negatives are not all that cool.

The Negative changes:
1)The negative changes are a mass dropdown in your Alexa rank which will be a huge loss for the blog and you.
2)You may also face some errors with your Feed traffic and followers.

After The Change:

Do you want to know "Why this change took place?" check it out from the Google Answers.

NOTE: The change in blog address will not take place for Custom domains and this is mainly seen in Australian and Indian blogs.

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Friday, 27 January 2012

Google Announced New Privacy Policy

Google has announced a change in their current Privacy policy.Changes will be made on fields like the information collected by Google on each and every user of Google Services.Cookies,Third party websites..will also experience the changes made on the Policy.
1)The Old Privacy Policy Statement Preview:

The current Privacy Policy of Google will be replaced with the new Privacy Policy,which will be made effective from march 1 2012.The policy will be applied to all the Products,Supplies and Websites offered by Google.
2)The Announced Privacy Policy Preview:

The Google Books and Google Wallet will have Remarkable changes in their Privacy Policy.The announcement was made on the Homepage of Google on 1/27/2012.

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Some important keyboard shortcuts

Most of us use keyboard shortcuts to save our time.Here i am providing you with some very useful keyboard shortcuts that could save your time.

1)Create new folders in Windows 7:

Its easy to create a new folder in Windows 7, just hit Ctrl+Shift+N and you can instantly rename it.

2)Recover accidentally closed tabs in Google Chrome:

When you had accidentally closed any tab you can reopen it by using Ctrl+Shift+T.This shortcut works in most browsers and is so much reliable.

3)Facebook Shortcut:

In Facebook you can use Alt+1 for news feed and Alt+5 for Notifications while using Google Chrome and Firefox users must use Shift with Alt i.e Alt+Shift+1 for news feed and Alt+Shift+5 for Notifications.

4)Notepad Shortcut:

If you are a regular notepad user try pressing F5 ,to insert the correct date and time in the document.

5)Gmail Shortcut:

you can hit Tab+Enter after you have composed your email which is same as clicking the send button.

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Friday, 20 January 2012

How to Temporarily Disable/Deactivate Facebook Account

Most of us are always active on the social networking website Facebook. But sometimes you may feel like to stay away from Facebook for a short time,it must be for your studies or some other issues.It is possible to Disable your Facebook account for a short period instead of Permanently deactivating it.So here i am showing you "How to Temporarily Delete Facebook account".Follow these steps:

1)Log in to your Facebook account.

2)Now click on Account and then Account settings from the top right corner.

3)Now when the next page appears click on the "SECURITY" tab.

4)And in the security settings page click on "deactivate your Account".

5)Now in the next page choose the reason for leaving as "This is temporary,i ll be back" and choose confirm.

6)Now a window appears,enter your password there and choose Deactivate now.

7)Now your account is temporarily disabled which means people will not be able to see your profile or find you in searches on Facebook.You can reactivate your account whenever you want by just typing your email and password in the log in page.Reactivating your account may not restore your Groups and Events but your friends,Pages etc will be saved and are secured.

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Make money on youtube

Most of us are familiar with making money on the internet.There are a lot of people who gets monetised via Google Adsense for their blogs or professional websites.But there is another effective way to get earnings which would be more intresting, you could earn Easily through the video sharing site of Google- "YOUTUBE".Here i will Explain how to make money with YOUTUBE.

1)First of all make an Youtube account via Youtube Sign up

2)Now choose a catchy username, like TECHNOIDZ etc....Avoid usernames like awes2341 which are not at all attractive or easy to remember.(Once you had a choosen a username you will not be able to rename it,instead you only have the choice to create another account.So be careful while choosing your username,be wise on choosing it. )

3)Now the next step is uploading your video to youtube, make sure that your video never violates the terms and regulations of Youtube i.e you must have complete ownership of the video and it must not have any Copyrights issues.You can use a Video camera or a Screen capturing software like CAMSTUDIO for recording your videos,make sure that your video is properly edited before uploading,try to shorten the video by highlighting the Intresting parts if it is a lengthy video.

4)If your video is getting a good number of views like 1k+ you will receive an email for showing ads in your Youtube,ads can be displayed in sidebar of the video.But you wont earn a large amount from this so the Best way to earn on Youtube is the "Youtube Partnership Programme".But it is not easy in getting a partnership approval as your video must get a lots of views and your Youtube channel must get about 50-100 subscribers.

5)You can apply for the partnership programme by going to http://www.youtube.com/partners.It will take about two weeks for them to process your request,once if your request is rejected you cant aplly for two months,so you can use those two months to improve your channel and videos and promote them incase if your application  is rejected.

So what are you waiting for try these steps and start earning.

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

How to run Android applications on windows

Most of us have wished to play Android Games on our computer.But unfortunately the lack of a perfect game/application emulator never allows us to wish so.But now things are totally changed.Now i am introducing to you an Emulator that lets you use Android games and applications on your Windows enabled computer.

1)Go to  Bluestacks website.

2)Now just click on the "Download now" and follow the onscreen instructions which is easy as all other Windows applications.

3Bluestacks have 10 preloaded Applications like the Talking tom and Drag racing,it will be great if you have a touch sensitive display but the its ok with the mouse pointers too.

4)Keep the applications in the windows mode for better experiance as the applications are based on less resolutions.

5)Now you can try your Applications from the Android market on your personal computer,Cheers.

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How to Get more traffic to your blog/website

For a blogger one of the most depressing feeling is when his/her blog lacks Traffic.Yes site traffic is must requisite for the progress and growth of the site.Most people actually never cares about taking measures for attaining traffic,instead they blame on themselves and their site.So,here i am introducing some effective measures to increase traffic in your site.


SEO or SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is one of the most effective measure for increasing the traffic.The use of keywords for attracting traffic is the simple definition for SEO.If you are not much familiar with SEO just click here and you will know much about this.

2)Updating The blog:

You have to update your blog and its features.Frequent visitors will be gained only if your blog posts are updated,new readers are made only with new and fresh content.You will get more subscribers when your blog is updated.An outdated blog will only result in downward slops.

The Social media can be effectively used for the promotion of your blog.Social Networking websites like Facebook,Twitter etc plays a great role in the growth of your website.So feel free to share your content.
More people will be directed to your site with sharing your posts on social networks.

4)Comment on other Blogs:

Commenting on other blogs will give you more traffic and healthy relationships with other bloggers and will raise the rank level of your blog.Make sure your comments are not harmful to others.It will help in maintaining backlinks for your site and will help in growth of your blog as more people will came to see your blog.

5)Make it simple:

When you write on your blog,make sure that you are using simple language.Using simple language will help the readers in understanding your posts and making use of it.The templates must also be simple,as using high graphic template will result in slow loading of the pages which may be annoying to the readers. 

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Sunday, 8 January 2012

How to embed Facebook videos on your blog

Most of us find it easy to share Youtube videos on our blog,but most of you must have also thought of embedding Facebook videos.Here i will show embedding Facebook videos step wise.

1)Go to your desired Facebook video,on the bottom right corner you will see an option "Embed This Video"

2)Now copy the embedded code and paste it on your blog

3)Thats it,now you had successfully embedded your Facebook video on your blog

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Monday, 2 January 2012

How to make free calls from your computer

Here I am showing you a trick to make Free calls from your computer to any Landline/Mobile in any part of the world:

1)Just click here to make your free call

2)The only problem is that you can only make this free call upto 30 seconds,but still you can utilize this 30 seconds to make an international call.  

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Sunday, 1 January 2012

How to tweet more than 140 words

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking site.Millions of people uses twitter.But many people find it difficult to Post as much as they wish because there is a limit of 140 characters per each tweet.Now i am introducing an application named Jumbo Tweet so that you can tweet about 65,000 characters.So here are the steps to be taken:

1)Log on to your Twitter account

2)Click here and Authorize the application on Twitter by choosing Sign in with Twitter

3)Now you can easily post tweets of about long 65,000 characters, ENJOY

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Saturday, 31 December 2011

How to add Profile pic in Facebook chat

All of us use to chat via Facebook.Smileys are one important part of the chat,but using the same smileys everyday is not that awesome,so lets try something new.What if we could add our Facebook profile picture as a smiley? that must be Intresting.You can also use the profile pic of any user or any Facebook page as a smiley in chat.So here i am showing you "HOW TO ADD YOUR PROFILE PIC OR PAGE'S

1)Log on to Facebook

2)Now find the user id of the profile or the page id of the Facebook page as i had shown in my recent post HOW TO FIND FACEBOOK USER ID OF PAGE/PROFILE

3)Now just copy the Facebook profile id or page id with double brackets, For ex:  [[11507325966]]

4)Pate this to your Facebook chat during a conversation and it will appear as the profile pic of the page/person selected,then it will look like this:

5)Done,now you can try some of the famous profile Id's given below

Need for speed carbon: [[11507325966]]

Chuck Norris: [[46637413257]]

Pirate: [[CaptainJackSparrow]]

Santa Claus: [[TheMagicOfSantaClaus]]

Vin Diesel: [[VinDiesel]]

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Thursday, 29 December 2011

How to hide facebook profile from serach engines

Whenever somebody searches your name on a search engine like Google it is easy for them to find your Facebook account as it will be displayed among the top search results.Strangers may easily take advantage of this and may keep stalking you.So many of the people find this as lack of their privacy,so it is very  much important to hide your Facebook profile from search results.Now for your privacy  i am teaching you "HOW TO PROTECT YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE FROM APPEARING IN SEARCH RESULTS".

1)Log on to Facebook

2)Click on "Privacy settings" from top right corner,then click on "Edit your settings" under
 "Apps and Websites" tab

3)Now at the bottom most you will see "Public search" and on the right bottom an "Edit settings" tab,click on edit settings,now you can choose to "enable" or "Not to enable" public search for your account.

4)At the moment a Pop up box will appear to confirm your selection,click on confirm

5)Now its done your Facebook account will no longer appear in search results.
(NOTE: This is only applicable for users above 18)

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