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Google Released: Adsense Toolbar for Publishers

Hey Adsense publishers here we have a happy news for you, finally Google has presented the adsense publishers with what they want.Yes its the Adsense Toolbar,which can be easily installed on Google chrome.As Google adsense is a source of income for many bloggers across the world it was upon Google to give away something like this to help them.

Install the Extension:

You can install this Google chrome extension for free from the Chrome Web Store.Once installed you will see an Adsense icon on the top right side of your browser,just click on the icon to view your Adsense earnings summary.

What can you get from this Toolbar:

*The Adsense Toolbar displays your account summary for Today,Yesterday,This month and last month.This feature helps you in reducing logging in to your account each hour to check your earnings.

*It also displays the top five custom channels and their performance,so that you can easily find out which channels are on their peak performance and which all are stabbed back.

*Your lifetime revenue can also be tracked via this toolbar, so that you know how far you have moved with Adsense and your Monetized history in your fingertips.

*The most awesome feature is that you can easily identify click bombers,as you are able to check your earnings frequently you will be able to see the earnings so that in case something went wrong you can easily report it to Google.

*you will also experience an In-site ad overlay over your ads, when you go through your Adsense enabled pages you will get to see how much each ads had earned you for the past days.

Whats hot:

The Adsense Toolbar therefor is a must have for each and every adsense publisher.As its a helping hand in getting more into your account and making changes.Another important thing about the toolbar is that even though its called as toolbar it actually doesn't have those annoying toolbar features.Once installed you will only see the adsense icon and will not see any of the awkward toolbar fetures which slows down things for you.It looks pretty alike like the alexa traffic rank extension.

Lets hope it wont take much time for its release for other browsers like Firefox,Explorer etc.So what are you waiting for install the extension for free, click here to Install.


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