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How to hide facebook profile from serach engines

Whenever somebody searches your name on a search engine like Google it is easy for them to find your Facebook account as it will be displayed among the top search results.Strangers may easily take advantage of this and may keep stalking you.So many of the people find this as lack of their privacy,so it is very  much important to hide your Facebook profile from search results.Now for your privacy  i am teaching you "HOW TO PROTECT YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE FROM APPEARING IN SEARCH RESULTS".

1)Log on to Facebook

2)Click on "Privacy settings" from top right corner,then click on "Edit your settings" under
 "Apps and Websites" tab

3)Now at the bottom most you will see "Public search" and on the right bottom an "Edit settings" tab,click on edit settings,now you can choose to "enable" or "Not to enable" public search for your account.

4)At the moment a Pop up box will appear to confirm your selection,click on confirm

5)Now its done your Facebook account will no longer appear in search results.
(NOTE: This is only applicable for users above 18)


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