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How to increase battery life of Mobile phones

Most people feels so irritated when their mobile device is out of Battery life.It actually annoys anyone when the mobile lacks battery charge,an important call to make,or a message to send etc must be ruined with the lack of battery charge.So here i am providing some Tips which will help you in maintaining the battery charge of your mobile device.

1)Using of Vibration: Usually a lot of people prefer using vibration,along with their ringtone.This must be     avoided as vibration consumes a lot of battery energy.

2)Switching off: Do not switch off the phone regularly without any pointy reason,as powering off and on will also need a lot of battery charge.

3)Brightness: Try to lower the brightness settings of the mobile as it will help in maintaining long battery life.

4)Turn off backlight: Turn off the backlight settings to 5 seconds,which is only actually necessary.

5)Screen saver: Avoid using a screen saver which can gulp your battery charge.

6)Keytones: The keytones must be made silent

7)Limit Gaming: Most of people play games on mobile which leads to heavy loss of battery life,so gaming must be made limitted.

8)Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: Turnoff Bluetooth and Wi-Fi unless it is necessary

 (Following all theses steps will help you in extending your mobile phone's battery life.)

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