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How to add Profile pic in Facebook chat

All of us use to chat via Facebook.Smileys are one important part of the chat,but using the same smileys everyday is not that awesome,so lets try something new.What if we could add our Facebook profile picture as a smiley? that must be Intresting.You can also use the profile pic of any user or any Facebook page as a smiley in chat.So here i am showing you "HOW TO ADD YOUR PROFILE PIC OR PAGE'S

1)Log on to Facebook

2)Now find the user id of the profile or the page id of the Facebook page as i had shown in my recent post HOW TO FIND FACEBOOK USER ID OF PAGE/PROFILE

3)Now just copy the Facebook profile id or page id with double brackets, For ex:  [[11507325966]]

4)Pate this to your Facebook chat during a conversation and it will appear as the profile pic of the page/person selected,then it will look like this:

5)Done,now you can try some of the famous profile Id's given below

Need for speed carbon: [[11507325966]]

Chuck Norris: [[46637413257]]

Pirate: [[CaptainJackSparrow]]

Santa Claus: [[TheMagicOfSantaClaus]]

Vin Diesel: [[VinDiesel]]

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