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How to request a reissue of your lost or returned adsense cheque

There are awkward moments for Adsense publishers when the courier company or the post office return the long awaited adsense cheque to Google.You must be trying to find out a way get back your Adsense cheque.

In countries like Canada and Newzealand  publishers can get direct deposit from Google,while in countries like India and Pakistan due to certain Government regulations direct deposit facility is not activated,so that cheques are send via courier or Post.Usually the cheques are returned while there occurs a delay of the publisher in Collecting it.In case a situation occurs so that you were not able to collect the earned cheque in time? dont worry follow the below steps.


1) Go to the following Link  https://support.google.com/adsense/bin/request.py?&contact_type=request_reissue_not_received

2)Provide the required info in the form.

3)State the exact amount you were to receive as per the Adsense report.

4)Also mention the reason for the reissue request.(Important).

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