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How to change Feedburner Url without Affecting Subscribers

Are you worried about changing your feed burner url? You wish to change it without any impact for your existing
Subscribers or Traffic.But how? I will explain.

What happens when you change Feed burner url?

1) You lose all of your Feed subscribers.

2)Lose links from various feed directories and Rss search engines.

So usually there are Three options for you in changing the feed address:

1) Edit and change the feed address.

2)Delete old Feed and create new Feed.

3)Create new feed delete, old Feed and redirect to new Feed. 

But here i am introducing the best way i.e the recommended way of changing the feed address:

Rename your existing Feedburner feed to the new feed but with the old Feed name.

1)Just rename your old feed burner to a new name, this will secure all your existing subscribers.

2)Now create another Feed with old name and Same settings.
(this makes your links secure,so that you need not worry about broken links)

3)Now with your own time, you can inform Blog directories and webmasters to update feeds with the new name.

For eg: Technoidz Feed.
Hope this article Helped you.....Cheers..:)


Shony Cyriac

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