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Facebook Messenger for Windows

Hey are you facing any trouble with your Facebook chat?Here you can fix your chat with this. Or do you wanna chat while using an app or you wish to use Facebook chat on your Desktop without logging in? or while visiting a website? here Facebook provides you with an awesome app which can fulfill many of your wants.Facebook has launched a Facebook Messenger targeting on Windows users.It is promoted for Windows users all over the world.


1)One can see and respond to chats right from the desktop.
2)You dont have to click away to stay connected.
3)Lets you find new Photo tags,Comments and more as soon as they happen.
4)You can chat and read the newsfeed from the desktop itself.

This is the Preview of the Facebook Messenger for Windows:

Now Facebook is Busy working on a Desktop Messenger for Mac users.The windows version of messenger is focusing on squeezing each and every drop of engagement from its users.So are you ready to give it a try? then Download it from here.


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