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The Best Alternative for Adsense: Adbrite

The source of income for most of the bloggers is Google adsense.In my recent post i have explained about making money out of your blog.And most of us believe adsense to be the best source of income via Blogging. Today we are discussing about an alternative for ADSENSE. Its none other than ADBRITE.

1) What is ADBRITE?

Adbrite is an online advertising program similar to Google Adsense. Both advertisers and website publishers can participate in adbrite and make enough profit out of it.Most people seem to believe adbrite to yet another ad exchange program but it is much more than that.The best part of adbrite is that it is a PPC program aka Pay Per Click program.Banner ads,text ads and full page ads are available on adbrite.

2) How it works?

Unlike Adsense its easy to get approved by adbrite.you will have to provide a little information about you.Website publisher's can now setup their "ad zones" by providing about their website and gets paid when someone clicks on ads.

3) Reputation:

It has a fair reputation in both advertising and publishing zones.Even though it is not more than Adsense it had succeeded in making its own respect in the vast world wide web.Those publisher's with good traffic and quality content will earn much profit from Adbrite, but even new bloggers can easily get an Adbrite account and start monetising.

So ready to sign up for ADBRITE??  

Log on to http://www.adbrite.com and Sign up



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