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Blogger changed its Domains from .COM to .In

Today i have noticed that my blog address http://technoidz.blogspot.com has automatically changed to http://technoidz.blogspot.in/. This change made by Google has made Positive and Negative changes on Various blogs.

Before the Change:
The positive changes:
The positive changes that may occur for your blog will be an increase in the traffic.This change can make you happy,but The negatives are not all that cool.

The Negative changes:
1)The negative changes are a mass dropdown in your Alexa rank which will be a huge loss for the blog and you.
2)You may also face some errors with your Feed traffic and followers.

After The Change:

Do you want to know "Why this change took place?" check it out from the Google Answers.

NOTE: The change in blog address will not take place for Custom domains and this is mainly seen in Australian and Indian blogs.

Shony Cyriac

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