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Engineering to Polytechnic, Toms College dominates the technical education niche

Engineering is a career that is looked up by the vast majority of the students. But, being an engineer is not just about having an engineering degree in hand, it;s much more than that and the institution which you choose for attaining your skills and knowledge is gonna play a very important role in framing a skilled engineer who can face and solve real life problems.

Accurate information and flawless teaching mechanism is without a doubt required to frame you into a pro-active engineer. Apart from the above mentioned qualities the history and track record of the organization too would play an important part in formation of an engineer. So, being a student it is your duty to do a self research to find the apt institute for your education. But if you are to reach out to us for a word of advice we would recommend none other than Toms College.

Toms College of engineering is located in the district of Kottayam, Mattakara. They are ranked 2nd among private colleges and 7th among all engineering colleges in Kerala.

Toms College

Toms College Kottayam

Toms engineering college

Courses offered at Toms engineering college:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering

For admissions and details you can visit their official website, which is https://toms.ac.in/
We hope we were able to give a brief idea about Toms college, if you find the info worth sharing, do spread the word. 

How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account Easily

How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account : This post is a guide on How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account in easy steps.Many people are worried that they are too much involved on Facebook and are wasting their precious time, so here is our post which will help you with the query How to Deactivate A Facebook Account.It is now common thing that people spends a lot of time on such social networking sites sitting idle on their chair which leads to a lot of health issues and turns them unproductive and fatty.So in order to save all of the young and old people from not making productive utilization of time you must know how you can Deactivate Facebook Account.And many are searching online for an answer to this which forced me writing a pretty simple and effective article.

How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account

Read ahead to easily to acknowledge yourself about how to deactivate a Facebook account.We had prepared a detailed and arranged list of steps which will help anyone is easily temporarily or permanently deactivating your account on Facebook.

  • Now click on the account menu at the top right corner of your account

  • Now click on settings

  • Now you may click on Security tab in left column

  • In the Security Settings page click on Deactivate your account

  • In the next page you can specify your reason for leaving Facebook and click confirm

  • A small window appears prompting to enter your password to confirm deactivation

Once you enter the password and clicks deactivate now, you had successfully disabled your Facebook account which means people wont be able to find you on their friend list or be able to chat with you.You can reinstate your profile anytime by entering your email address and password in the log in page.But once deactivated you may loose access to some groups and events, but there wont be any issues with your friend lists and interests.So this is How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account tutorial made by us especially for all of those people in need.We hope that you found this article quiet informative and worth following, if you like this How to Deactivate A Facebook Account tut feel free to share it with your family and friends and keep visiting us for more tech updates.

Where To Get Christmas 2013 Greetings And Xmas Wishes

Christmas 2013 Greetings : Here we have came up with this post to help all those people who are searching throughout the internet in search on Christmas 2013 Greetings And Xmas Wishes.When i made a casual search i came across a lot of websites that offer services related to Xmas even technology sites were also among them which actually amazed me.But most among them didn't actually give what we expect from them.So i decided to conduct a little bit of research on them and i am happy to share with you what i found.

What i found is quiet interesting, most of these are niche sites which are made especially for the Christmas season.80% of them lacks quality and are just made for the sake of earning.But here is what Technoidz Blog discovered, a blog which does what it states and its my pleasure to share the best among them which of course is Christmas Greeting 2013 Blog this particular one was made a while ago the author had maintained the quality in writing and sharing knowledge which forces me to recommend it to all of you.

Christmas 2013 Greetings And Xmas Wishes :

We need the latest wishes and greetings to send them to our friends, family and relatives.Our dear ones will be expecting them from us.years ago such greetings all were being send as letters only via post offices but, now things have changed a lot with the latest technology and development of science.The new generation after a gap is using mobiles devices, handsets, tablets, lap tops, Personal computers and social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc to send the messages.

And as people are very busy with their lives and daily routines they are less creative and doesn't actually gets time to make Christmas Greetings 2013 And Wishes alone by themselves, which leads them in searching online in sites like these niche websites.And we can't blame webmasters for creating such websites because everybody is of there on to earn some extra pennies which adds up to their income.When you make queries make sure not to fall for reciprocal sites instead only depend on well established ones.

Christmas 2013 Greetings Conclusion :

As we all know it is celebrated on 25th of December,so we hope you all ready to celebrate in this month of December.As it is a season of joy and happiness the whole world will unite together to welcome Santa clauses to their homes.Be ready with your decorations and preparations.And on behalf of my blog i wish you all Merry Christmas and prosperous new year.

Google Adsense celebrates 10th anniversary with Publishers

Hello bloggers, we are happy to inform you that Google Adsense is celebrating their 10th year with their publishers.So this blog post is my testimonial for Google Adsense.We all are familiar with Adsense as it is the primary source of income for most of the bloggers in the world.It is the only Ad network a blogger can completely rely on to monetize his blog.Even though there are many alternative Ad networks, not a single alternatives listed cannot replace Adsense. It is the only such network which cares about both the advertisers and publishers so as to give 100% satisfaction to both.There are even bloggers who are full time bloggers and depends only on Adsense for their living.

As they are about to celebrate the 10th Anniversary they send a newsletter to the publishers, in which they expressed their feeling to us the Publishers:

 "AdSense wouldn’t be where it is today without publishers like you, who create and publish the web content consumed every day by people around the world. We've come a long way together, and we think that's worth celebrating

these words from the official newsletter of the Adsense team really motivated me to work much hard with my blogs.And i have some plans for this year in blogging.And wait there is something more, as a part of their 10th anniversary celebration Adsense also have made some offers for the publishes which are really Interesting.

1) A live hangout with Susan wojcicki, the SVP of advertising on June 18th.

2) A 10 week masterclass to be an expert with them.

3) Adsense success stories of publisher's from the past 10 years.

Adsense Form

So yes these are some worth Goodies for the bloggers.the 10 week masterclass is what we are keenly waiting for.And thanks Google for showing us the gratitude for our co-operation with you.And we the  Technoidz are looking forward to the future and wishing everyone all the best with their respective ventures. :) 

Mylot: One of the easiest Way To Make Money Online

Here in this post i am gonna introduce to you the most Easiest possible way to earn some money through the internet.We all know about a lot of ways of earning profit through the internet which varies from Google Adsense to Freelancer.com etc.But for beginners it is pretty hard to earn something from these ways and Freelancer even needs us to have a premium account to earn.For all those beginners and newbie's i am introducing to you "MYLOT".com.It is a website which is so easy to follow and to earn revenue.This is how it works:

1)Earn through participating in discussions:

Yes, it is so simple that you could earn money just for participating in discussions.There are lots n lots of topics in Mylot to discuss about.You only need to participate onto topics of your interest.Unlike most other sites you won't feel annoyed with mylot,because you would enjoy what you are doing.There are  reports of many myLot users who spend most of the waking hours of any given day enjoying myLot. Here the Theory is so simple Earn n Enjoy.Earnings for each discussions starts from 4 to 10 cents.

2) Earn by Commenting:

This is one of the most interesting and impressive feature of mylot. It is great that you could earn while you comment onto the post's of others.Quality comments will fetch you more earnings, make sure that your comments are organic so that they wont be rejected.Quality comments made will also fetch you from 3 cents to 7 cents.

3)Earn by completing tasks:

Another easy earning method of mylot is to do tasks which are made by other users which on completing will
get you the offered amount. The task builders post a message along with the task to do which explains how and when the task is to be done.You only have to follow them and complete the task in the specified time.On successfully completing a task you will be rewarded the offered money within 24 hrs.Task can vary from content writings, Blog commenting, Facebook liking etc.

4)Earn by referring Friends:

You could also earn money from Mylot by referring your friends to mylot. You get paid when your friend starts earning through mylot. This feature is really cool that you can double your earnings by referring more friends. For example my my lot referral link is http://www.mylot.com/?ref=shonyishere

So it sounds quite easy rite.So what are you waiting for. Start earning with MYLOT...Cheers..:)

Why Do Most Newbie Bloggers Quit Blogging

Most of us must have wondered, why do many of the newbies in the Blogging field gives up within months.Yes, it is common now a days as we see a lot of youngsters who enter Blogging with the soul intention of making more and more Money out of their blogs.I have done a little research about this phenomena among newbies.There are a lot of reasons to support them,the truth is that many of them start their own blog and Quits blogging within a span of 5 to 6 months.

So in this post of mine i'll explain what i learned about this:

1) Money as the only need:

Most people gets attracted to blogging as they came to know about the monetizing part of the blogs.They fail to know that Blogging should not be focused on money.Such people after reading the success stories of great bloggers get inspired and starts a blog in a hurry bury and expects to get high flowing traffic.Due to their money thirst and lack of dedication and passion towards content writing and research their blogs will not produce favourable results for them which in turn will cause them to think negative and there by to Quit blogging thinking the negative strategy "its not made for me".

2) Lazy about writing:

Those guys who are too much lazy about writing content wont succeed too.Blogging needs patient and creative writers with an average vocabulary.Lazy guys will find it difficult to write much.One have to spend a lot of time in thinking,researching and writing to produce quality blog posts.As most of the newbie's lack this basic quality's they face trouble which they never ever thought about.

3)Fails to find Niche:

Another major aspect that defense the newbies is that most of them fails to find a particular niche to blog about.Their are lots and plenty of niche's to blog about, but the poor newbies who never spends time in researching niche's fails in finding a good niche on to which they can concentrate to.They are only are interested in copying or rewriting the articles which other bloggers have contributed using their skills.Such cunning tactics to make mass without hard work may not let them succeed as they need to realise blogging is also certainly about sheer hard work.

4)Hurry to get rich:

Most such newbies are seen in a hurry to get rich with their brand new blog which is absolutely a foolish thought.You cant get rich just by making your own blog.you have to apply a lot of hard work, and you must be passionate about blogging.Money must not be your only aim while you blog.You must be able to enjoy the work as only then it gives you satisfaction whereby only you could gain something out of it.

5)Minimum Requirements:

This is something true that occurs only for a couple of bloggers.The blogger himself may be a talented and hardworking guy, but that's not enough to be successful. In order to monetize he/she needs an adsense account , which may not be available if the bloggers is a minor.The lack of profit may force the blogger to give up blogging as he/she may not be getting enough to pay the hosting charges, or there are situations where the blogger don't even have the finance to upgrade his blog to paid hosting.There are also negative situations in life which may sometimes cause depression and there by pierce the newbies

I hope you might have understood why newbie's easily quit blogging.I also hope that the newbie's could make use of this post..:)

Google Released: Adsense Toolbar for Publishers

Hey Adsense publishers here we have a happy news for you, finally Google has presented the adsense publishers with what they want.Yes its the Adsense Toolbar,which can be easily installed on Google chrome.As Google adsense is a source of income for many bloggers across the world it was upon Google to give away something like this to help them.

Install the Extension:

You can install this Google chrome extension for free from the Chrome Web Store.Once installed you will see an Adsense icon on the top right side of your browser,just click on the icon to view your Adsense earnings summary.

What can you get from this Toolbar:

*The Adsense Toolbar displays your account summary for Today,Yesterday,This month and last month.This feature helps you in reducing logging in to your account each hour to check your earnings.

*It also displays the top five custom channels and their performance,so that you can easily find out which channels are on their peak performance and which all are stabbed back.

*Your lifetime revenue can also be tracked via this toolbar, so that you know how far you have moved with Adsense and your Monetized history in your fingertips.

*The most awesome feature is that you can easily identify click bombers,as you are able to check your earnings frequently you will be able to see the earnings so that in case something went wrong you can easily report it to Google.

*you will also experience an In-site ad overlay over your ads, when you go through your Adsense enabled pages you will get to see how much each ads had earned you for the past days.

Whats hot:

The Adsense Toolbar therefor is a must have for each and every adsense publisher.As its a helping hand in getting more into your account and making changes.Another important thing about the toolbar is that even though its called as toolbar it actually doesn't have those annoying toolbar features.Once installed you will only see the adsense icon and will not see any of the awkward toolbar fetures which slows down things for you.It looks pretty alike like the alexa traffic rank extension.

Lets hope it wont take much time for its release for other browsers like Firefox,Explorer etc.So what are you waiting for install the extension for free, click here to Install.


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