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The A to Z of ERP Sofware: The complete guide

 ERP software, or Enterprise Resource Planning software, is a type of business management software that allows companies to manage and automate various business processes, including accounting, inventory management, customer relationship management, and more. The goal of ERP software is to provide a centralized system for managing all aspects of a business, which can help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits.


One of the main benefits of ERP software is that it allows companies to streamline their operations. By having all of the necessary business information in one centralized location, companies can easily access the data they need to make informed decisions. This can help reduce the time and resources needed to manage various business processes, which can ultimately lead to cost savings. eGenius is is one of the best ERP software in Bangalore .


Another benefit of ERP software is that it can improve communication and collaboration across different departments and teams within a company. With an ERP system in place, different departments can easily share information and work together to achieve common goals. This can help improve productivity and overall performance of the company.


In addition, ERP software can also help companies to better manage their inventory and supply chain operations. With an ERP system, companies can easily track inventory levels, reorder products as needed, and manage supplier relationships. This can help to ensure that products are available when customers need them, which can ultimately lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.


ERP software can also help companies to better manage their customer relationships. With an ERP system, companies can easily track customer information, manage customer interactions, and analyze customer data. This can help companies to identify trends and patterns in customer behavior, which can ultimately lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.


Lastly, ERP software can also help companies to better manage their finances. With an ERP system, companies can easily track financial data, create financial reports, and manage financial transactions. This can help companies to better understand their financial performance and make informed decisions about their financial future.


ERP software is not only used by large enterprise but also by small and medium-sized business. Today, there are many ERP software solutions available in the market, and choosing the right one for your business can be a difficult task. When choosing an ERP software solution, it is important to consider the specific needs of your business, as well as the features and capabilities of the software.


Some important factors to consider when choosing an ERP software solution include:


Scalability: The software should be able to grow with your business and adapt to your changing needs.

Integration: The software should be able to integrate with other systems and software that your business uses.

Customization: The software should be able to be customized to fit the unique needs of your business.

Support: The software should come with a reliable support system to help you with any issues or questions you may have.

Price: The software should be affordable and offer a good value for the money.

Implementing ERP software can be a complex and time-consuming process, but with the right approach, it can be done successfully. Some important steps to follow when implementing ERP software include:


Planning: The first step in implementing ERP software is to plan the process. This includes identifying the specific business processes that the software will be used to manage, as well as the resources needed to implement the software.

Training: Once the software is in place, it is important to train employees on how to use the software effectively. This will help to ensure that the software is being used to its full potential.

Testing: Before going live with the software, it is important to test it to ensure that it is working correctly.

Go live: Once the software is fully tested and ready to be used, it can be implemented and rolled out to the entire organization. This is the point at which all employees will start using the ERP software to manage their daily tasks and processes.


Support and maintenance: After the ERP software has been implemented, it is important to provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that it continues to function correctly and meet the needs of the organization. This includes addressing any issues or bugs that may arise, as well as upgrading the software as needed.

In conclusion, ERP software can provide many benefits to businesses of all sizes, including streamlining operations, improving communication and collaboration, managing inventory and supply chain operations, managing customer relationships and financial management. Choosing the right ERP software solution and implementing it effectively can help your business to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits. However, the process of choosing and implementing ERP software can be a complex and time-consuming process, so it is important to work with a reputable vendor and consult experts in the field to ensure success.

The history of oRTB | Open RTB

 The OpenRTB (Real-Time Bidding) protocol is a widely-used standard for real-time advertising transactions in the digital advertising industry. It enables the real-time buying and selling of advertising inventory through an auction-based system, where advertisers bid on individual ad impressions that are made available by publishers. The protocol has undergone several significant changes since its initial release in 2010, as the industry has evolved and new technologies have emerged.

Versions of ORTB

The first version of ORTB, known as v1.0, was released in 2010 by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab. It was designed to facilitate real-time bidding for display advertising, and it included basic information about the ad impression, such as the size and location of the ad, as well as information about the user and the device they were using.

In 2012, the IAB released OpenRTB v2.0, which included several important updates. One of the biggest changes was the introduction of a new object called the "BidRequest," which provided more detailed information about the ad impression and the user. This version also introduced the concept of "seat bids," which allowed multiple bidders to submit bids on an ad impression simultaneously. Additionally, OpenRTB v2.0 included support for video and mobile advertising.

In 2014, the IAB Tech Lab released OpenRTB v2.2, which included several new features and enhancements, such as support for mobile app advertising and the ability for publishers to block certain types of ads. Additionally, this version introduced "Deal ID," which allows publishers to offer specific inventory to certain buyers at a fixed price. This helped to automate and streamline the direct-selling process for publishers.

In 2016, OpenRTB v2.3 was released, which included support for native advertising and the ability for bidders to specify their desired creative attributes. This version also added new data fields for user privacy, such as the ability to indicate whether a user has opted out of tracking and targeting.

In 2017, OpenRTB v3.0 was released, which represents a significant change in the protocol. This version includes a number of new features and enhancements, such as support for header bidding, which allows multiple bidders to submit bids on an ad impression simultaneously, before the ad request is sent to the ad server. Additionally, OpenRTB v3.0 includes new data fields for user privacy, such as the ability to indicate whether a user has opted out of tracking and targeting.

In 2019, OpenRTB v3.0.1 was released, which included several updates to the protocol, such as support for new ad formats and the ability for publishers to block certain types of ads. Additionally, this version added new data fields for user privacy, such as the ability to indicate whether a user has opted out of tracking and targeting.

In 2020, OpenRTB v4.0 was released, which represents the next major evolution in the protocol. This version includes several new features, such as support for new ad formats, such as out-stream video, and the ability for publishers to block certain types of ads. Additionally, OpenRTB v4.0 includes new data fields for user privacy, such as the ability to indicate whether a user has opted out of tracking and targeting.

Overall, the evolution of OpenRTB has been driven by the need to adapt to changes in the digital advertising industry, such as the growing use of mobile devices and the increasing importance of user privacy. As the industry continues to evolve and new technologies emerge, it is likely that OpenRTB will continue to evolve as well, in order to meet the needs of the industry and ensure that the buying and selling

Sri International Public School Kanakapura In Pursuit of Excellence

When it comes to quality education one of the best schools out there is south of Bangalore is definitely Sri International Public School . Founded in the year two thousand and ten by Sri P Raju, the school has always aimed for academical heights for all their students from day one.

All necessary values to shape a student to be an excellent individual are passed on while their time at this school. The co curricular activities are also promoted very well to enhance the tastes and personal and professional skills to take the individual to the next level.


The classrooms are designed with well set ventilation and very comfy furniture to have a great experience for learning. 

From libraries to computer labs everything is set in phase to match an international level of quality education. The digitalised campus is uber great with adapting to modern technologies and facilities offers a magnitude of improvement from scratch to a large scale in terms of development. 

  The new age of learning is well demonstrated by Sri International Public School throughout the years and parents who aspire to have a bright future for their sons and daughters should definitely get their children to join this school.  

Engineering to Polytechnic, Toms College dominates the technical education niche

Engineering is a career that is looked up by the vast majority of the students. But, being an engineer is not just about having an engineering degree in hand, it;s much more than that and the institution which you choose for attaining your skills and knowledge is gonna play a very important role in framing a skilled engineer who can face and solve real life problems.

Accurate information and flawless teaching mechanism is without a doubt required to frame you into a pro-active engineer. Apart from the above mentioned qualities the history and track record of the organization too would play an important part in formation of an engineer. So, being a student it is your duty to do a self research to find the apt institute for your education. But if you are to reach out to us for a word of advice we would recommend none other than Toms College.

Toms College of engineering is located in the district of Kottayam, Mattakara. They are ranked 2nd among private colleges and 7th among all engineering colleges in Kerala.

Toms College

Toms College Kottayam

Toms engineering college

Courses offered at Toms engineering college:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering

For admissions and details you can visit their official website, which is https://toms.ac.in/
We hope we were able to give a brief idea about Toms college, if you find the info worth sharing, do spread the word. 

How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account Easily

How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account : This post is a guide on How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account in easy steps.Many people are worried that they are too much involved on Facebook and are wasting their precious time, so here is our post which will help you with the query How to Deactivate A Facebook Account.It is now common thing that people spends a lot of time on such social networking sites sitting idle on their chair which leads to a lot of health issues and turns them unproductive and fatty.So in order to save all of the young and old people from not making productive utilization of time you must know how you can Deactivate Facebook Account.And many are searching online for an answer to this which forced me writing a pretty simple and effective article.

How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account

Read ahead to easily to acknowledge yourself about how to deactivate a Facebook account.We had prepared a detailed and arranged list of steps which will help anyone is easily temporarily or permanently deactivating your account on Facebook.

  • Now click on the account menu at the top right corner of your account

  • Now click on settings

  • Now you may click on Security tab in left column

  • In the Security Settings page click on Deactivate your account

  • In the next page you can specify your reason for leaving Facebook and click confirm

  • A small window appears prompting to enter your password to confirm deactivation

Once you enter the password and clicks deactivate now, you had successfully disabled your Facebook account which means people wont be able to find you on their friend list or be able to chat with you.You can reinstate your profile anytime by entering your email address and password in the log in page.But once deactivated you may loose access to some groups and events, but there wont be any issues with your friend lists and interests.So this is How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account tutorial made by us especially for all of those people in need.We hope that you found this article quiet informative and worth following, if you like this How to Deactivate A Facebook Account tut feel free to share it with your family and friends and keep visiting us for more tech updates.

Where To Get Christmas 2013 Greetings And Xmas Wishes

Christmas 2013 Greetings : Here we have came up with this post to help all those people who are searching throughout the internet in search on Christmas 2013 Greetings And Xmas Wishes.When i made a casual search i came across a lot of websites that offer services related to Xmas even technology sites were also among them which actually amazed me.But most among them didn't actually give what we expect from them.So i decided to conduct a little bit of research on them and i am happy to share with you what i found.

What i found is quiet interesting, most of these are niche sites which are made especially for the Christmas season.80% of them lacks quality and are just made for the sake of earning.But here is what Technoidz Blog discovered, a blog which does what it states and its my pleasure to share the best among them which of course is Christmas Greeting 2013 Blog this particular one was made a while ago the author had maintained the quality in writing and sharing knowledge which forces me to recommend it to all of you.

Christmas 2013 Greetings And Xmas Wishes :

We need the latest wishes and greetings to send them to our friends, family and relatives.Our dear ones will be expecting them from us.years ago such greetings all were being send as letters only via post offices but, now things have changed a lot with the latest technology and development of science.The new generation after a gap is using mobiles devices, handsets, tablets, lap tops, Personal computers and social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc to send the messages.

And as people are very busy with their lives and daily routines they are less creative and doesn't actually gets time to make Christmas Greetings 2013 And Wishes alone by themselves, which leads them in searching online in sites like these niche websites.And we can't blame webmasters for creating such websites because everybody is of there on to earn some extra pennies which adds up to their income.When you make queries make sure not to fall for reciprocal sites instead only depend on well established ones.

Christmas 2013 Greetings Conclusion :

As we all know it is celebrated on 25th of December,so we hope you all ready to celebrate in this month of December.As it is a season of joy and happiness the whole world will unite together to welcome Santa clauses to their homes.Be ready with your decorations and preparations.And on behalf of my blog i wish you all Merry Christmas and prosperous new year.

Google Adsense celebrates 10th anniversary with Publishers

Hello bloggers, we are happy to inform you that Google Adsense is celebrating their 10th year with their publishers.So this blog post is my testimonial for Google Adsense.We all are familiar with Adsense as it is the primary source of income for most of the bloggers in the world.It is the only Ad network a blogger can completely rely on to monetize his blog.Even though there are many alternative Ad networks, not a single alternatives listed cannot replace Adsense. It is the only such network which cares about both the advertisers and publishers so as to give 100% satisfaction to both.There are even bloggers who are full time bloggers and depends only on Adsense for their living.

As they are about to celebrate the 10th Anniversary they send a newsletter to the publishers, in which they expressed their feeling to us the Publishers:

 "AdSense wouldn’t be where it is today without publishers like you, who create and publish the web content consumed every day by people around the world. We've come a long way together, and we think that's worth celebrating

these words from the official newsletter of the Adsense team really motivated me to work much hard with my blogs.And i have some plans for this year in blogging.And wait there is something more, as a part of their 10th anniversary celebration Adsense also have made some offers for the publishes which are really Interesting.

1) A live hangout with Susan wojcicki, the SVP of advertising on June 18th.

2) A 10 week masterclass to be an expert with them.

3) Adsense success stories of publisher's from the past 10 years.

Adsense Form

So yes these are some worth Goodies for the bloggers.the 10 week masterclass is what we are keenly waiting for.And thanks Google for showing us the gratitude for our co-operation with you.And we the  Technoidz are looking forward to the future and wishing everyone all the best with their respective ventures. :) 


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