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What is Seo?


In Simple words Seo or Search Engine Optimization means a Powerful web marketing technique, which helps Search Engines to find and rank your website than several millions of other websites with the same niche of your site in response to the search queries.

Seo may Target different types of searches like Local search,Image search,Video search etc.Seo helps websites to appear in the top search results on search engines.As people usually prefer on the top 10 search results as those are indexed properly by search engines.

More frquently a particular site appears in the search results, the site will get more traffic and hence profit.Optimized websites will have assured traffic and will easily survive in the world wide web.My recent post on site traffic will enlighten you about the importance of SEO.

2)Seo and Search engines:

Search engines unlike humans are text driven and use Html as their language.We have to realize that they dont exercise human qualities, so content is king for search engines.Search engines Crawls the website and analysis the content, it checks what is there and what is not there.The webmaster tools of Google can be utilized to crawl your site and to rectify errors.Search engines performs various activities i.e Crawling,Calculating and Finally indexing the site on the web.Various factors like the HTML, Internal links, Backlinks etc are also Important Seo Optimization tactics.Various Seo tools are used by webmasters to Index their sites.The crawled and indexed pages are stored on huge databases and will processed accordingly which are in large extensions so that human cant perform such functions.

3)Why is website SEO important?:


Seo companies or Firms will have high traffic flowing to them which is the main  mandatory for each and every website.High traffic contributes to the ranking and Reputation of the website.

(ii)More monetizing:

For publishers of Affiliate programs like Adsense or PPC campaigns, the high traffic flowing to them will increase the CTR and will increase their Earnings.The advertising programs will be a High gaining element for Seo Optimized sites.

(iii)More Subscribers:

Seo will also guarantee you more Rss, Twitter, and Facebook Subscribers which ensures unique visitors to your website.

Seo can be Organic i.e unpaid or Paid.Organic seo is that measures from the webmaster himself, while paid type Seo can be from third parties who provide Seo services like the SEO BOOK.Paid seo can be of great use for beginners as it helps their site in attaining a rank position.


Shony Cyriac

He is an SEO specialist who loves working on websites and ranking them to earn a lot of profit from the long run.Contact him to assign your SEO needs and works and get them fixed ASAP :)

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