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Sri International Public School Kanakapura In Pursuit of Excellence

When it comes to quality education one of the best schools out there is south of Bangalore is definitely Sri International Public School . Founded in the year two thousand and ten by Sri P Raju, the school has always aimed for academical heights for all their students from day one.

All necessary values to shape a student to be an excellent individual are passed on while their time at this school. The co curricular activities are also promoted very well to enhance the tastes and personal and professional skills to take the individual to the next level.


The classrooms are designed with well set ventilation and very comfy furniture to have a great experience for learning. 

From libraries to computer labs everything is set in phase to match an international level of quality education. The digitalised campus is uber great with adapting to modern technologies and facilities offers a magnitude of improvement from scratch to a large scale in terms of development. 

  The new age of learning is well demonstrated by Sri International Public School throughout the years and parents who aspire to have a bright future for their sons and daughters should definitely get their children to join this school.  

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