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How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account Easily

How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account : This post is a guide on How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account in easy steps.Many people are worried that they are too much involved on Facebook and are wasting their precious time, so here is our post which will help you with the query How to Deactivate A Facebook Account.It is now common thing that people spends a lot of time on such social networking sites sitting idle on their chair which leads to a lot of health issues and turns them unproductive and fatty.So in order to save all of the young and old people from not making productive utilization of time you must know how you can Deactivate Facebook Account.And many are searching online for an answer to this which forced me writing a pretty simple and effective article.

How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account

Read ahead to easily to acknowledge yourself about how to deactivate a Facebook account.We had prepared a detailed and arranged list of steps which will help anyone is easily temporarily or permanently deactivating your account on Facebook.

  • Now click on the account menu at the top right corner of your account

  • Now click on settings

  • Now you may click on Security tab in left column

  • In the Security Settings page click on Deactivate your account

  • In the next page you can specify your reason for leaving Facebook and click confirm

  • A small window appears prompting to enter your password to confirm deactivation

Once you enter the password and clicks deactivate now, you had successfully disabled your Facebook account which means people wont be able to find you on their friend list or be able to chat with you.You can reinstate your profile anytime by entering your email address and password in the log in page.But once deactivated you may loose access to some groups and events, but there wont be any issues with your friend lists and interests.So this is How To Deactivate Your Facebook Account tutorial made by us especially for all of those people in need.We hope that you found this article quiet informative and worth following, if you like this How to Deactivate A Facebook Account tut feel free to share it with your family and friends and keep visiting us for more tech updates.

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