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Why Do Most Newbie Bloggers Quit Blogging

Most of us must have wondered, why do many of the newbies in the Blogging field gives up within months.Yes, it is common now a days as we see a lot of youngsters who enter Blogging with the soul intention of making more and more Money out of their blogs.I have done a little research about this phenomena among newbies.There are a lot of reasons to support them,the truth is that many of them start their own blog and Quits blogging within a span of 5 to 6 months.

So in this post of mine i'll explain what i learned about this:

1) Money as the only need:

Most people gets attracted to blogging as they came to know about the monetizing part of the blogs.They fail to know that Blogging should not be focused on money.Such people after reading the success stories of great bloggers get inspired and starts a blog in a hurry bury and expects to get high flowing traffic.Due to their money thirst and lack of dedication and passion towards content writing and research their blogs will not produce favourable results for them which in turn will cause them to think negative and there by to Quit blogging thinking the negative strategy "its not made for me".

2) Lazy about writing:

Those guys who are too much lazy about writing content wont succeed too.Blogging needs patient and creative writers with an average vocabulary.Lazy guys will find it difficult to write much.One have to spend a lot of time in thinking,researching and writing to produce quality blog posts.As most of the newbie's lack this basic quality's they face trouble which they never ever thought about.

3)Fails to find Niche:

Another major aspect that defense the newbies is that most of them fails to find a particular niche to blog about.Their are lots and plenty of niche's to blog about, but the poor newbies who never spends time in researching niche's fails in finding a good niche on to which they can concentrate to.They are only are interested in copying or rewriting the articles which other bloggers have contributed using their skills.Such cunning tactics to make mass without hard work may not let them succeed as they need to realise blogging is also certainly about sheer hard work.

4)Hurry to get rich:

Most such newbies are seen in a hurry to get rich with their brand new blog which is absolutely a foolish thought.You cant get rich just by making your own blog.you have to apply a lot of hard work, and you must be passionate about blogging.Money must not be your only aim while you blog.You must be able to enjoy the work as only then it gives you satisfaction whereby only you could gain something out of it.

5)Minimum Requirements:

This is something true that occurs only for a couple of bloggers.The blogger himself may be a talented and hardworking guy, but that's not enough to be successful. In order to monetize he/she needs an adsense account , which may not be available if the bloggers is a minor.The lack of profit may force the blogger to give up blogging as he/she may not be getting enough to pay the hosting charges, or there are situations where the blogger don't even have the finance to upgrade his blog to paid hosting.There are also negative situations in life which may sometimes cause depression and there by pierce the newbies

I hope you might have understood why newbie's easily quit blogging.I also hope that the newbie's could make use of this post..:)


Shony Cyriac

He is an SEO specialist who loves working on websites and ranking them to earn a lot of profit from the long run.Contact him to assign your SEO needs and works and get them fixed ASAP :)

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Very good blog post Shony. I agree with all your points, except the last I don't believe anymore that a blogger needs to have adsense in order to monetize their blog. I have found something that works much better, drives traffic and pays faster. And as you stated if you don't make money quick a new blogger may give up or quit prematurely!


Yes bro i agree with you, there are alternatives for adsense. :)


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